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VCs gain billions of bucks ready to pour into crypto and originate web startups, per the founding father of $2 billion blockchain nonprofit Dfinity

Dfinity's Dominic Williams says there are 'billions and billions' in VCs ready for crypto startups. The Swiss nonprofit has launched a decentralized global computer to interrupt Large Tech's stranglehold. Tech firms gain invested closely in the "out of date formula of doing things," per Williams. Stare extra tales on Insider's industry page. Mainstream mission capital firms are sitting on "billions and billions of bucks" that they are ready to put money into crypto and so-known as "originate web" startups, per the founding father of $2 billion abili...

$7 Billion Bucks Could well Rupture Bitcoin With a DoS Attack, Professional Explains

Doctor Matthew Green, phase of the personnel that created Zcash, mentioned in a debate that if there were a malicious birthday party exciting to use $7 billion USD it could actually presumably perhaps perhaps begin a cyber assault that could presumably perhaps perhaps wreck the community, effectively making it unimaginable for any transactions to be processed by the community. Then again that could presumably perhaps perhaps require the sources (energy, money) of a nation-state or some secret billionaire to earn the ball rolling, and since there is rarely all the time a financial incentive it would presumably be for malicious reasons. The methodology this Denial of Service (DoS) could presumably perhaps perhaps be performed is fancy a 51% assault, the build if some entity spent $7 b...