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What economic downturn? These sectors are innovating climate solutions. They assuredly’re thriving.

Unemployment is sky high and the economy in tatters, but on the fairway-biz aspect of things, there are about a intellectual, leafy shoots. The pandemic grew to change into many a trade on its head, but about a sectors are rising no topic the commercial malaise, and a few are even benefitting from the COVID-created market disruptions. Repair spoke with consultants in three sectors: energy, alternative meat, and urban data. Taken together, they provide a brand fresh peep at about a things that are essentially going appropriate in trade for the time being. Solar’s stock is rising (and costs are low) Switching to renewable energy to mitigate climate be concerned is a no-brainer, but for the time being there’s also a sturdy trade case to procure the transition. Among the arena’s greate...