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Letters to the Editor, Might perhaps maybe also 5

Creator of the article: Postmedia Files Publishing date: Might perhaps maybe also 05, 2021  •  1 day ago  •  2 minute be taught  •  7 Feedback Wednesday letters Photo by Ilustration /Toronto Solar DINE SAFE Re “You might’t indulge in for your popular restaurant. But actors in a movie can” (Joe Warmington, April 30): I don’t tell it’s inexpensive to inquire that smartly-liked weddings and social occasions will must have the same freedom to exercise restaurants and reception halls as movie productions. There are 50 pages of govt laws for movie manufacturing companies and actors to steer some distance from transmitting COVID-19. I don’t tell that smartly-liked diners or wedding guests might also satisfy such stringent necessities. Among other things, if actors are singing or ...