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Jimmy Fallon, Millie Bobby Brown, and an alien face off in hilarious fresh Lip Sync Combat

By Adam Rosenberg2020-10-03 06: 42: 04 -0700 Social distancing and pandemic fears did not discontinue Jimmy Fallon from staging a fresh model of Lip Sync Combat on Friday evening. Special guest Millie Bobby Brown, who's out repping her fresh Netflix film Enola Holmes, joined Fallon for a miles away showdown wherein the two took on hits from Dua Lipa, the Jonas Brothers, Katy Perry, and, clearly, the week's guest hosts BTS. It will get magnificent raucous.  Fallon does his fashionable lip sync factor with the help of affection cameras and a lawful performance stage. Brown, who looks to be performing in a lavatory (or some various echo-y home with a towel rack on the wall), makes conclude with what she has at hand – supplies that notably contain an inflatable alien costume. ...