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How The Each day Mail Is Feeding the Appropriate-Flit Tradition War

For days, the American upright has been on high alert: Joe Biden is coming for his or her meat. After the English tabloid The Each day Mail cited “recent analysis” to inform that the Biden administration would restrict crimson meat consumption to at least one hamburger a month, conservatives went wild. Donald Trump Jr. tweeted that he had doubtlessly eaten four kilos of meat—the yearly allowed figure, per The Each day Mail—upright the day forward of. (If half of a pound usually constitutes a single serving of meat, that translates to about eight meals’ worth of meat.) Fox News anchor John Roberts, ostensibly a element of the network’s “recordsdata” facet, instructed viewers, “Tell goodbye to your burgers will non-public to you capture to must register for the climate agenda. That’s the fi...