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NASA has accurate flown a helicopter on Mars for the first time

The news: NASA has flown an airplane on one more planet for the first time. On Monday, April 19, Ingenuity, a 1.8-kilogram drone helicopter, took off from the ground of Mars, flew up about three meters, then swiveled and hovered for 40 seconds. The historic moment used to be livestreamed on YouTube, and Ingenuity captured the characterize above with one of its two cameras. “We are able to now divulge that human beings procure flown a rotorcraft on one more planet,” acknowledged MiMi Aung, the Ingenuity Mars Helicopter mission supervisor at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, at a press convention. “We, collectively, flew at Mars, and we, collectively, now procure our Wright brothers moment,” she added, referring to the first powered airplane flight on Earth in 1903. If truth be told, Ing...