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French ex-chief Sarkozy jailed for bribe

Dilapidated French President Nicolas Sarkozy has been found responsible of corruption and sentenced to 3 years in jail, an comely tumble from grace for a man who for five years bestrode the national and global stage.A Paris court docket on Monday found Sarkozy, 66, had tried to bribe a make a likelihood after leaving office, and to hawk impact in trade for confidential recordsdata about an investigation into his 2007 marketing campaign funds."He took advantage of his location and the relationships he had fashioned," presiding make a likelihood Christine Mee mentioned.Sarkozy served as president from 2007 to 2012 and retains impact among conservatives, even after retiring.He's the 2d head of enlighten in novel-day France to be convicted of corruption.He could maybe well also not use any ti...