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Crew Ninja Explains Why Ninja Gaiden Dark And Ninja Gaiden 2 Couldn’t Be Remastered

Developer Crew Ninja, after asserting the Ninja Gaiden: Master Sequence in a February 2021 Nintendo Reveal presentation, has clarified why two particular entries within the franchise could well presumably not be remastered. All of it boils all of the vogue down to the inability to "salvage the heaps of assortment of recordsdata" the studio left within the assist of.When asked in a GameSpot interview whether Crew Ninja had belief of updating Ninja Gaiden 2 and Ninja Gaiden Dark, producer Fumihiko Yasuda talked about the studio could well presumably not recuperate every games' data. Sigma and Sigma 2 had been chosen for the Master Sequence due to Crew Ninja had unruffled and organized their source codes."We did consider it, but we had...