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🎧 Giving, Getting, and Glorification

E22: Krista Byers-Heinleincoloration>: The Tag of Linguistic Diversity Youngsters’s discovering out begins in the dwelling – and the language spoken in the dwelling is critical to a young minute one’s education.So, ought to serene fogeys be raising kids with higher than one language? And what are the advantages of kids being bilingual? On International Mom Language Day, we celebrate linguistic diversity with Krista Byers-Heinleincoloration>, a developmental psychologist and partner professor of Psychology at Concordia University who spoke at The Walrus Talks Living Better in 2019. Transcript: Microsoft Doc file | Adobe PDF file | Allege us if these formats work for you. E21: Anand Giridharadascoloration>: Giving, Getting, and Glorification Are we equal in our praise for philanthro...