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Hand Habits and Joel Ford Internet Sleek Venture yes/and, Portion Songs: Focus

Meg Duffy—the singer, songwriter, and guitarist in the reduction of Hand Habits—is teaming up with producer Joel Ford for a recent venture. It’s called yes/and. This day, Duffy and Ford bear released their first two tracks. Focus to “Gruesome Orange” and “Centered Shell” below. yes/and will open their self-titled debut album on July 23 via Driftless Recordings.Relieve in February, Hand Habits shared a quilt of Neil Younger’s After the Gold Gallop music “I Agree with in You.” Meg Duffy’s final Hand Habits LP used to be 2019’s placeholder.Learn Pitchfork’s Rising interview “Hand Habits’ Meg Duffy Is Your Favorite Indie Rocker’s Favorite Guitarist.”yes/and: 01 Craggy02 Gruesome Orange03 Extra Than Esteem04 Learning About Who You Are05 Centered Shell06 Tumble07 Melt Away08 Making a Monument09...