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‘A loud bang became heard’: Here is what federal investigators know thus a long way about Boeing 777 United Airlines engine failure

Destroy of day Gilbertson, USA TODAY Printed 12: 06 a.m. ET Feb. 23, 2021 | Up thus a long way 7: 08 a.m. ET Feb. 23, 2021CLOSE United Airlines Boeing 777 returned to Denver International Airport almost straight away after takeoff when the gorgeous engined failed. WochitInvestigations of aircraft accidents and incidents can set extra than a year, but officers generally derive an early read on components that can find performed a role.On Monday, two days after the excessive-profile engine failure on United Airlines Flight 328 from Denver to Honolulu, the Nationwide Transportation Security Board held its first briefing on the incident, highlighting doable metallic fatigue to an engine fan blade and documenting a "loud bang" heard on the cockpit notify recor...