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How a homeless man lost federal support by attempting to circulate correct into a recent home and launch contributing rent

Entirely one in four eligible households who apply for housing vouchers cease up receiving them. Derrick Henderson instructed Insider he had a voucher however lost it, despite the proven truth that he used to be correct attempting to circulate. Consultants talked about HUD's housing voucher program desires elevated funding and a extra streamlined route of. Glance extra tales on Insider's industry online page. On February 3, Derrick Henderson, 49, used to be going thru his mail when he noticed a rent invoice addressed to him, a...

Thug stamped on homeless man’s face in vicious avenue assault

Invalid E-mailSomething went unfriendly, please strive again later.Whenever you happen to subscribe we are going to say the information you provide to send you these newsletters. Your data will likely be frail fixed with ourPrivacy Scrutinize.A particular person often stamped on a rough sleeper's face out of doors a store in a show of "avenue thuggery". The sufferer was once knocked unconscious in the assault and was once rushed to clinic. Merely 10 days after assaulting the homeless man Macauley Baker applied a frenzied knife assault on a man he had correct met, often slashing him to the face and neck with a Stanley-kind knife. Swansea Crown Courtroom heard 24-twelve months-archaic Baker had an "extraordinarily subtle upbringing" and when he abuses alcohol and Valium he loses control of ...