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In precisely nine days 20 per cent of this Antarctic island’s snow has melted

As Antarctica turn out to be the newest situation on Earth to rupture its high-temperature file, or no longer it's now been revealed virtually a quarter of one island's snow duvet melted on the second.On 6 February, climate stations recorded the freshest temperature on file for Antarctica.Thermometers on the Esperanza Snide, on the northern tip of the Antarctic Peninsula, reached 18.3C - in regards to the an identical temperature as Los Angeles that day.The warm spell caused in style melting on nearby glaciers.A satellite picture of Eagle Island in Antarctica, taken 4 February. NASA Earth ObservatoryNASA's Earth Observatory has released two photos taken precise by the heatwave, lawful nine days apart, showing melting snow on the ice cap of Eagle Island.The photos had been got by the Opera...