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Lazio particular shirt for Guerini

Lazio players will wear a particular shirt remembering formative years team expertise Daniel Guerini, who died in a car crash frail excellent 19. The midfielder had popular his 19th birthday excellent just a few days sooner than the fatal accident in Rome on March 24. He change into a member of the Primavera formative years team and had moreover frolicked at the Torino formative years academy. His funeral change into held this week in the Capital, attended by players, Presidents and ultras. Lazio will wear a particular shirt at some level of the warmth-up of this day’s Serie A match in opposition to Spezia, showing Guerini proudly pointing to the club image after he joined them. #LazioSpezia La squadra, durante il riscaldamento, indosserà una maglia speciale in ricordo di Daniel G...