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24/7 streaming lo-fi beats to sip Pepsi to

Because Pepsi has both misplaced its thoughts or is a genius or every, they set apart out this streaming YouTube channel that includes lo-fi kick again vibes. It doesn't sound that bewitching, in addition to the circulation easiest has songs that includes lyrics about Pepsi. As an instance, the lyrics to if truth be told a number of the songs is: Pepsi hits diverse at the same time as you want a drink You'll pick one sip and be cleaning the sink Pepsi hits diverse at the same time as you are looking to be aware of You'll catch your homework in easiest one blink Pepsi hits diverse It'll catch your thoughts in sync You'll write a complete new and dissipate the full ink When you would possibly maybe possibly possibly no longer enjoy how comely and insane that is, I pity you. And...

Lo-Fi Room is an upcoming share hidden object and share rhythm game about building relaxing beats

Lo-Fi Room is an upcoming hidden object and rhythm game from indie developer Bearmask that's heading for Android and PC sometime next twelve months. It change into as soon as first and indispensable created for Tune Sport Jam 2018 and also won the G-Huge title Gargantuan Indie Pitch closing twelve months the build aside the judges had been evidently very impressed by what they seen. The game change into as soon as inspired by on-line gaze music channels which have change into rather in style on YouTube in the last few years. Each level will consist of finding a sequence of instruments after which having fun with its rhythm game. If you've got got done the rhythm game for a explicit instrument, this can then be added to the music having fun with in the background. As you continue to searc...