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Iowa by no manner locked down. Its economy is struggling anyway.

As a long way as the law is anxious, there would possibly perchance be no longer a reason that Amedeo Rossi can’t reopen his martini bar in downtown Des Moines, or resume presentations at his concert venue two doors down. Yet Rossi’s corporations remain darkish, and one has closed for correct. There are no longer any restrictions preserving Denver Foote from carrying on with her work at the salon where she kinds hair. But Foote is picking up simplest two shifts a week, and is in most cases sent house early resulting from there are so few customers. No lockdown stood within the kind of the metropolis’s Oktoberfest, nonetheless the occasion became as soon as canceled. “We can also have executed it, fully,” said Mindy Toyne, whose firm has produced the match for 17 years. “We correct could...