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On the loose: Jeffrey the baboon spotted in Florida, Johannesburg

An adult male baboon – dubbed Jeffrey by native residents – has been making headlines across Gauteng after he was spotted roaming about in Johannesburg over the last weekend. Where is Jeffrey the baboon? Now, after many residents had been wondering the build he can even very well be, unique reports indicate he was final viewed crossing Ontdekkers Avenue attain Florida Veterinary Neatly being facility in Johannesburg. In step with HeraldLive, Michelle Bertschinger-Watson from Coalition Rehabilitation Abilities (Core), saw him there on Wednesday morning (31 March 2021). Bertschinger-Watson, who has been monitoring the baboon, acknowledged they'd since misplaced observe of him. “We want the general public to only send us an valid fresh time and pin space. They mustn't alert their securi...