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dangle and reserve your Lumina Residence within the novel licensed

How would you like a digital plight viewing or “tripping” on your dream subdivision? This day, now not most efficient vehicle brands supply a stroll-thru of their showrooms on-line. Lumina Properties, one in every of Vista Land’s residential brands that cater to the affordable market section, is equipped with digital 360-stage apartment excursions of its most efficient-promoting properties — a perfect formula to dangle your apartment unit acceptable to your computer or smartphone. Focus on about with Lumina Properties’ professional web plight, www.lumina.com.ph, and explore its most efficient-promoting dwelling gadgets in 3D: Aimee at 22 sq.m. with one-bedroom provision, Angelique at 35 sq.m. with two-bedroom and one carport provision, and Angeli at 42 sq.m. with three-bedroom and one car...