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Chuffed memories: Myanmar migrants in Australia share tales beyond the trauma of war – a picture essay

Whenever Hsay Wah Thu Kree thinks about his favourite childhood memory, it makes him smile. “In the end, my older brother gave me his unused worn bicycle wheel rim, which made me so fully overjoyed. As a baby, I achieved with that wheel rim as a hoop, utilizing a stick, running and pushing it your complete day without ever noticing any tiredness. I will be succesful to peaceable peek it in my creativeness.”But that memory is furthermore tinged with sadness. “My totally unprejudiced appropriate friend handed away in that same year as a results of a excessive fever. His father, too, used to be shot to loss of life by Burmese squaddies internal a week of that, after Sunday noon service.”Hsay Wah Thu Kree is from the Karen folks, undoubtedly one of the ethnic minorities of Burma. ‘My existenc...