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The Papers: Salutes to ‘hero’ Capt Tom and ‘game-changer’ jab

By BBC NewsWorkersimage caption"The ideal of us" - here's how the i newspaper pays tribute to Captain Sir Tom Moore, who died old school 100 after contracting coronavirus. The paper calls him a "battle hero and optimist" who impressed the nation with his multi-million pound fundraising efforts for the NHS all the scheme through the considerable lockdown.image captionThe Sun photos the World Battle Two old school both as a young man in wartime and strolling spherical his garden all the scheme through his fundraising grief final year, sporting his medals. The paper's headline affords him the nickname "Captain Surprise".image caption"We now glean lost a nationwide love," Metro announces in its headline, at some stage in a full-page image of Capt Sir Tom giving the thumbs-up.image captionThe ...