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The next-era tech powering Apple’s humble AirTag

By Brian X. ChenApril 29, 2021 — 3.18pmOn the commence air, Apple’s new AirTag feels like a ho-hum product that now we salvage all viewed earlier than. It’s a disc-formed tracking machine that can also additionally be connected to devices like condominium keys to enable you to behold them.However inside, the sage gets some distance extra though-provoking.The AirTag, which Apple introduced closing week, is one among the principle particular person electronics to augment a new wi-fi abilities, ultrawideband, which permits you to detect proper proximity between objects. The usage of ultrawideband, your iPhone can sense whether an AirTag is a pair of centimetres or dozens of metres some distance from it. It’s so honest that its app will even command an arrow pointing you within the direction ...