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Raoul Kerr Takes the Trap Route with Most modern Song ‘Elevate No Flag’

The Contemporary Delhi-primarily based hip-hop artist signals a brand fresh step for his No Flag circulation, which objectives to affect commerce through ‘work, commerce and activism’ Anurag Tagat Oct 14, 2020 Contemporary Delhi rapper Raoul Kerr (heart, in shadowy) with individuals of the No Flag circulation. Photo: Courtesy of the artist It’s been a busy span of 12 months for Contemporary Delhi hip-hop artist Raoul Kerr, who spent final summer season touring Europe with folks metallers Bloodywood. In tandem with knocking out rap verses for the metal band’s songs much like “Ari Ari” and “Jee Veerey,” Kerr used to be releasing his hold onerous hitting, socially conscious discipline topic. His debut EP The Guerilla Games is fully revealed with the free up of the final discover ...