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Robinhood cans the confetti, unveils original celebratory designs

NEW YORK (AP) — The bursts of confetti that bathe shows of Robinhood investors as soon as they assemble their first commerce — and relief because the punchline for critics who insist the original app treats investing be pleased a game — are going away.Beginning this week, Robinhood will inaugurate retiring the confetti, which used to be meant to celebrate customers hitting milestones be pleased making their first deposit or enabling original parts, such as upgrading to its paid Gold-level membership. The final pops will go off subsequent week, to receive replaced with a series of animations that are decidedly measured in waddle, with nary a flake within them.“They’re meant to be moments of cease, moments of working out,” said Neatly off Bessel, head of create at Robinhood. Robinhood’s rep...