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How OSIRIS-REx will snag a sample from asteroid Bennu

This diagram illustrates the indispensable events deliberate at some stage in OSIRIS-REx’s descent to asteroid Bennu on Oct. 20 for a contact and hasten touchdown. Credit: NASA/Goddard/College of ArizonaMars rovers battle via seven minutes of fear when they descend into the Martian atmosphere at hypersonic slide. NASA’s OSIRIS-REx spacecraft will prefer a extra glacial diagram to its asteroid target Tuesday, and the match shall be extra such as four-and-a-half of hours of mushy apprehension for ground groups, in step with the mission’s operations supervisor. The robotic explorer is utter to snag a sample from asteroid Bennu, a clump of rock stretching a 3rd of a mile (500 meters) wide positioned 207 million miles (334 million kilometers) from Earth. OSIRIS-REx will return the specimens t...