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The NFL faces a scheduling puzzle after Broncos-Patriots coronavirus postponement

The NFL's postponement of Week 5's Broncos vs. Patriots matchup has shifted the dates of eight video games engaging seven groups, growing the season's first enticing scheduling puzzle.The put it stands: An 18th week of the fashioned season is reportedly "in play," however the league desires it to be a final resort.The moves: Broncos at Patriots: Week 5 → Week 6Chiefs at Bills: Week 6 (Thursday) → Week 6 (Monday)Jets at Dolphins: Week 10 → Week 6Jets at Chargers: Week 6 → Week 11Jaguars at Chargers: Week 8 → Week 7Chargers at Broncos: Week 11 → Week 8Chargers at Dolphins: Week 7 → Week 10Dolphins at Broncos: Week 6 → Week 11The backdrop: The NFL managing this mess while the NBA wraps up its flawless bubble makes for an evident comparability, but or now not it is now not namely ap...