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Spectating Spectator Sports: COVID-19 is dismantling stadium custom, one camouflage at a time

In the hierarchy of watching spectator sports, ‘Being There’ - getting tickets, going to the stadium, shouting ‘INDI-AA, INDIA!’, joining the crowd, blah blah blah – has continuously been held supreme. It has undoubtedly been notion to be above watching the game from the ‘stupid’ confines of dwelling. The demand that the Covid pandemic now permits us, all this while hiding in the support of the mob-snob, to roundly demand from the rooftops is: Whatever for? Let the paisa tumble: Staring at spectator sports from dwelling has continuously been and continuously will probably be, a finer, more joyous, less harrowing abilities than watching it from the stands. And don’t let any season model-maintaining mobster characterize you otherwise. Blasphemous as this could well even sound, trust it. Fro...