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Swedish EDM artist COY Swede releases unusual single “ Savor” April 29!

Stockholm, Sweden, 21st April 2021, ZEXPRWIRE – Thom Maximus Holmberg, with the artist title COY Swede, is a song producer and songwriter from Stockholm. “ Savor” is his eighth single. Thom is peaceful a sexy unusual title in EDM and Pop, he debuted in 2019 but is gaining an increasing number of listeners. His track “You Are” has, as an illustration, been voted one among the suitable songs of 2020 by the honest song weblog Electro Wow. On his most recent single “Mediate in Us”, Thom collaborated with Camila Carballo, a Swedish singer and influencer. He has previously labored with plenty of world artists, alongside with Andres Majo, a song producer who has been nominated for a Grammy twice. On the upcoming single “ Savor”, he join forces with extra artists and musicians from the platform...