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Taiwan prosecutors probe educate wreck that killed 51

Prosecutors in Taiwan acknowledged they've puzzled the proprietor of an unmanned truck that rolled onto a rail discover on Friday and brought about the nation’s worst educate catastrophe in a protracted time. he educate used to be carrying 494 people initially up of a protracted holiday weekend when it smashed into a construction truck that slid down a hillside above the tracks, the Taiwan Railway Administration acknowledged. ...

Taiwan prepare fracture kills a minimal of 36, leaves dozens injured

As a minimal 50 folks had been killed and dozens extra injured when a prepare derailed while partially inner a tunnel in Taiwan on Friday.The National Fireplace Carrier confirmed the death toll and acknowledged 66 folks had been despatched to clinic as the island faced its worst rail catastrophe in quite a bit of years. It earlier acknowledged 51 folks had been confirmed dull.The prepare's younger, newly married driver and the assistant driver had been among the many dull, the National Fireplace Carrier acknowledged."Many folks had been beaten beneath prepare seats within the collision. And there had been numerous folks on top of the seats. So these at the underside had been pressed and beaten and lost consciousness," a passenger with gauze taped to her elbow told Taiwanese broadcaster EB...