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Priceless Mandarin Phrases: Qingming Pageant

Tomb-Sweeping Pageant, a primitive Chinese language holiday in honor of the ancestors, has arrived. Admire you made the selection where to circulation? If you’re traveling domestically over the three-day holiday, it is likely you'll maybe perchance perchance also honest wish to set your Mandarin skills to the take a look at alongside the accelerate. Regardless, here is a at hand Qingming phrase guide, which covers the whole lot from the name of the competition itself to its curious snacks.Tomb-Sweeping Pageant清明节QīngmíngjiéTomb sweeping扫墓SǎomùBurn paper money烧纸钱ShāozhǐqiánCruise kites放风筝FàngfēngzhēngInexperienced rice balls made of rice flour and wormwood juice青团QīngtuánCan I admire some green rice balls?有青团吗Yǒu qingtuan má?Originate you place sweet model or salty model?你喜欢甜口...