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Covid in Varanasi: Madden rises as coronavirus rages in Modi’s constituency

Funeral pyres were burning non-cease in VaranasiThe repute around Varanasi, one in all the holiest cities on this planet for Hindus, is among the worst tormented by the second wave of coronavirus sweeping India.Many infected electorate of the repute, within the northern scream of Uttar Pradesh, are now asking where their MP, Narendra Modi - India's high minister - is of their hour of need.India's devastating second wave has pushed the country's complete assortment of infections to 20 million and the demise toll to bigger than 220,000. In Varanasi, with the health infrastructure swamped, sufferers can no longer obtain health facility beds, oxygen, or ambulances, and getting a Covid take a look at can soak up to a week. Within the past 10 days, most pharmacies enjoy proceed out of basic med...