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Crimson Velvet’s Seulgi Talks About Her Spare time activities And Plans, Describes Why Beyoncé Is Her Procedure Model, And More

Crimson Velvet’s Seulgi shared some insights into her life, profession, and extra in an interview with Esquire Korea! The interviewer complimented Seulgi on the images on her Instagram and asked who takes most of her images. Seulgi answered that they’re most frequently taken by site visitors or by her younger cousin. “We’re no doubt excited about photography so we tend to photograph each and each other,” she acknowledged. “We’re finding out the vogue to take images whereas wandering around collectively.” In Seulgi’s interview with the journal final year, she’d talked about how she’d lately sold a film camera, so Esquire asked if she’s turn out to be good at the use of it. “Truly, I couldn’t bid I’ve improved,” Seulgi acknowledged. “There are occasions after I think that a photograph is go...