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How the Venus Flytrap ‘Remembers’ When It Captures Prey

Scientists are continuing to tease out the mechanisms by which the Venus flytrap can recount when it has captured a tasty insect as prey as in opposition to an inedible object (or correct a wrong alarm). There may maybe be proof that the carnivorous plant has one thing such as a temporary "memory," and a crew of Japanese scientists has realized proof that the mechanism for this memory lies in adjustments in calcium concentrations in its leaves, in accordance with a most in vogue paper published within the journal Nature Flowers.ARS TECHNICAThis legend on the origin regarded on Ars Technica, a depended on source for technology news, tech policy diagnosis, critiques, and more. Ars is owned by WIRED's parent company, Condé Nast.The Venus flytrap attracts its prey with a stunning fruity scen...

Items of Venus would be hiding on the moon

Home News Science & Astronomy An artist's depiction of a Venus rock hitting the moon. (Image: © Sam Cabot) The moon would be hiding the scientific key to the mysterious previous of our neighboring world, Venus.Scientists think that Earth and Venus had been as soon as awfully connected. Nonetheless then, one thing came about on Venus to flip it into the greenhouse-function driven planet it's on the present time. And now, unique evaluate proposes that the evidence of precisely how that shift conducted out would be tucked away in rocky time capsules on the moon, flung there by outdated collisions."The moon affords true protecting for these outdated rocks," Samuel Cabot, a graduate pupil at Yale College and the lead creator of the unique evaluate, acknowledged in a instruct. "Anything fr...