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French volcano enthusiasts camp out to skirt curfew

Science and Nature
France's Reunion island is continuously treated to spectacular eruptions of the Piton de la Fournaise volcano -- nonetheless with a Covid-19 curfew in region, some residents resorted to drastic measures this week to procure pleasure from the gorgeous night-time views. The Indian Ocean island has been underneath a 6.00 pm-5.00 am curfew since March 5 in a present to tame coronavirus infections. That presented a agonize for amateur photographer Marc Gence when the major eruption of the year began on Friday night -- since, he pointed out, night-time is when "the spectacle is at its most interesting". With night-time lunge banned, Gence saw handiest one resolution: pitching a tent now not removed from the volcano and making it his dwelling for a pair of nights. "I didn't lunge, an...