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Wednesday’s letters: Minority kids want protection

Author of the article: Edmonton Journal Publishing date: Apr 28, 2021  •  1 day ago  •  2 minute be taught  •  13 Feedback The family of 14-year-aged Pazo and community advocates are calling on city police to launch a corpulent investigation and lay costs after a schoolyard assault left him in scientific institution. Pazo is within the center with the blue hoody. Describe by Supplied My grandchildren showed me the horrifying video of Pazo, a 14-year-aged boy, who changed into violently attacked by a community of teens. As a mother and grandmother, I am insecure about the early life of this city, specifically the minorities, who cease not enjoy a narrate, and are pronounced responsible or deserving of such treatment, because they are deemed “thugs.” Pazo and his mother had ...