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Western Australia coronovirus exchange as at 23 March 2021

The Department of Health has reported no contemporary cases of COVID-19 overnight.The Instruct’s total resolution of confirmed cases remains at 931.WA Health is monitoring 10 active cases of COVID-19 and 912 other folks occupy recovered from the virus in WA.To this level, 34,504 West Australians had been vaccinated at WA Department of Health vaccination clinics – 2,391 other folks obtained a COVID-19 vaccine the old day.The Commonwealth Executive vaccination nationwide rollout figures might maybe well be stumbled on at on their web pages (external blueprint).The old day 339 other folks offered for sorting out at WA Health COVD clinics and 326 had been assessed and swabbed.There had been 923,448 COVID-19 assessments performed in WA. Of these, 133,815 had been from regional WA.To this leve...