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Woodkid Releases ‘S16’ In Louis Vuitton

Musician, director, artist and producer, Yoann Lemoine, greater identified by his moniker Woodkid, has been on the scene for a while. You nearly indubitably know him for his Grammy Award success directing impressive, entrancing song movies for the likes of Katy Perry, Taylor Swift and Lana Del Rey. An ancient friend of Conflict, the French artist lined the journal support in 2013 with the open of his step forward debut album, ‘The Golden Age.’ An achingly exciting bound thru youth thru soft, rich vocals and staggering, orchestral backings, The Golden Age space the tone for a profession of deeply deepest, resonating song.  His unusual album, ’S16’, is out this day. The title refers again to the atomic quantity for sulphur, and the unstable, fragile nature of the part, and us as folks. Rec...