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Unique York-Based completely Song Director Atif Afzal Talks Metal Roots, Making It within the Composing Dwelling

The Mumbai native has thus a long way contributed music to ‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ to boot to a most trendy relaunch of ‘The Twilight Zone’ If there’s a more familiar sort of occupation arc that you may presumably well presumably stumble upon in Indian musicians now, the likes of  Mumbai-bred, Unique York-based completely mostly composer and multi-instrumentalist Atif Afzal stand testomony to resilience. Originally in steel band Nemesis as a guitarist, he moved right into a safer corporate job but by 2013, he had helmed music for one of his first movie initiatives, a Hindi thriller known as Prague. He says over the phone from Unique York. “The moment I stepped into this [music composing] in 2009 or so… clearly it's miles now not realistic to step into one thing must you may presumably well pr...