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There is a secret co-op mode hidden in The Binding Of Isaac: Repentance

Modders salvage stumbled on a co-op mode hidden in The Binding Of Isaac: Repentance.

Perfect ten days after the game was launched (thanks, NME), dataminers stumbled on the delivery express “networktest” hidden in the code, and quickly realised that it permitted the game to be conducted in co-op by the employ of the game’s debug console.

The invention is particularly inviting provided that whereas there are some workarounds that enable co-operative play, the game is silent clearly marked as a singleplayer dart on Steam.

Given it’s now now not been formally printed to the game-taking part in public, it will most likely presumably also silent come as no surprise that the mode is a tad unstable. As a result of this truth, brace yourself for uncommon bugs and system faults even as you imply on giving it a bolt.

The “sequel sized” remaining growth for the vastly standard roguelike hit PC by the employ of Steam on 31st March, with a console delivery planned for later this year.

ICYMI, Binding of Isaac creator Edmund McMillen’s poopy puzzle-primarily based completely deck-builder The Legend of Bum-bo lately acquired a free growth, introducing a raft of fresh affirm material alongside some grand critical fixes and quality of existence enhancements.

This legend has been up as a lot as now to define that there are some workarounds for co-op, nonetheless no formal co-op mode.

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