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Trump Talks of ‘Leaving the Country’ if He Loses

The create The United States broad all over again president proved once extra, for the length of a Friday evening rally in Georgia, that’s it’s in point of fact correct all about him. With coronavirus cases rising under his look, and 218,000 of his fellow citizens already unnecessary from the virus, Trump took time out of one other broad spreader tournament to sing about how the embarrassment of presumably shedding to Joe Biden would possibly per chance per chance per chance also tempt him to fly the country.

Obviously, the very belief of a Trump-free The United States would thrill millions, but the narcissistic nature of the president’s feedback is telling. Trump has reminded Americans time and time all over again what a inner most sacrifice he made, both monetarily and each day life, by attempting to procure and then a success the presidency. Supposedly, the must MAGA is what motivated him to bustle in basically the most well-known space. Nonetheless supreme evening, he confirmed his correct colors correct in front of his cult-relish followers.

“You know what? Operating in opposition to the worst candidate within the historic previous of American politics puts stress on me,” Trump mentioned. “Could you believe if I lose? My total existence — what am I going to attain? I’m going to hiss, I lost to the worst candidate within the historic previous of politics! I’m now no longer going to in point of fact feel so proper. Maybe I’ll favor to proceed the country, I don’t know.”


— PoliticsVideo23 (@politicsvideo23) October 17, 2020

The determined president, down double digits in most polls, spoke for correct under two hours and is serene exhibiting no indicators of attempting to widen his increase.

Factual this week, for the length of a city hall, he refused to condemn the fanatical workers QAnon, even supposing Trump’s lackeys reveal he has. On Friday evening, Trump sycophant Tucker Carlson lied to his Fox target audience, claiming the president distanced himself from the workers.

they correct create shit up pic.twitter.com/Tz08JnIt1u

— Peter Wade (@brooklynmutt) October 17, 2020

News coverage, rather than Fox, is so bored to loss of life with the president they proceed to turn into self reliant from from his lie-stuffed speeches. CNN’s Brianna Keilar bailed on Trump’s Friday afternoon speech to seniors when he went from telling them that his “heart breaks for every grieving family that has lost a precious loved one” to lying about Covid-19 “rounding the turn” as case upward push in 40 states.

.@CNN bails on Trump’s speech: “Slightly frankly there are so many falsehoods we correct must interject… The president has mentioned correct a myriad of lies.” – @brikeilarcnn pic.twitter.com/I3WFjoFtVi

— Peter Wade (@brooklynmutt) October 16, 2020

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