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Tune For First Contact

UK indie band The Pocket Gods are identified for his or her Guinness Chronicle Breaking albums of 30 second songs however now they’ve released the world’s longest ever released tune working at an astonishing 48 hours long!

The tune is believed as – Tune For First Contact – and is electrified by the most modern revelations from ex US Authorities loyal Luis Elizondo who became as soon as guilty of the Pentagons secret UFO program (AATIP) and has no longer too long ago said that that there would possibly be evidence that we are no longer by myself!

The tune became as soon as recorded to map shut awareness of what would possibly maybe well additionally merely be the approaching first contact between aliens and the human hobble. Pocket Gods’ frontman Mark Christopher Lee said:

“There is an increasing variety of evidence which is being verified by governments all around the arena that we are being visited by craft which would possibly maybe well additionally very effectively be no longer of earthly initiating build. I have faith about that first contact between ourselves and extra terrestrial beings is impending and this would possibly occasionally maybe well additionally merely bring profound changes to all facets of our lives along side our which manner and location in the Universe.”

The tune will be released on all digital platforms on the pause of Would possibly maybe well also merely however you can additionally hear the tune now on the Soundcloud hyperlink beneath:

The band add you can additionally both hear to this 1 tune for 2 days or 6,000 of their 30 second tracks. The royalty for 1 tune play is round £0.003p on Spotify whatever the dimension of the tune as long as it is some distance no lower than 30 seconds long. So the band are no longer releasing this tune to rake in the royalties however to focus on the dearth of lustrous and transparent royalties from Spotify and other streaming companies. 

The band should always date released 9 albums of upright 30 second songs – with the ethos of we’re only getting paid a miniature royalty – so why write longer songs? 

So the band imperfect for his or her 30 second songs be pleased now recorded the arena’s longest tune working at a staggering 48 hours long!

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