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Video of kids taking part in cricket on moist pitch goes viral

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Tricky overcast circumstances, A slippery pitch, no stunning equipment and shoes – nothing can discontinuance the cricket fans from taking a part of their appreciated sport 

A cricket video goes viral on social media which showcases the ardour for the game that fans fragment.

Within the event you fancy cricket.. Nothing stops you from taking part in it. Be it Rain or Slippery field attributable to rain..!

— Mubin (@_mubean__) August 24, 2020

The video appears to be to be from some rural space within the subcontinent where kids are heartily taking part within the gents’s game even when the circumstances are no longer appropriate. Despite the truth that the game is being performed under extremely overcast climate, with an awfully a lot moist pitch – the members are gentle completely making merry by taking part within the game they fancy.

Whereas taking a trail, the wicketkeeper and the non-striker each accelerate on the muddy pitch with the fielders laughing. However such marshy circumstances attain nothing to dissuade the kids as they chortle on the distance and proceed with the game.

The video completely highlights the flamboyant that is showered upon the game by fans from across the globe. With some players barefoot and a few of their slippers, three slim wood-sticks as stumps and a greasy pitch which judge unhealthy to just a few but all these complications might also be overcome by the sheer fondness for the game.

It’s no surprise that we uncover among the most spicy fans of the game within the subcontinent – some of them living in rampant poverty without a longer even two square meals in a day infrequently. However this astronomical game supplies them that glimmer of hope – to rise above and strive for greener pastures.

This video showcases that spirit and is a homage to the game that all of us fancy.

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