Viral Popeyes Chicken Sandwich will likely be on hand in Singapore Sept 16, Standard of living News

Viral Popeyes Chicken Sandwich will likely be on hand in Singapore Sept 16, Standard of living News

September 11, 2020revealed at 6: 16 AMByCandice CaiAsiaOne

It became once the burger that sparked a “hen sandwich battle” between like a flash food retail outlets within the US last year.

And now, this “world smartly-known” Popeyes hen sandwich will lastly be on hand in Singapore.

When it became once launched in August, the hen sandwich — or what we will name a “hen burger” in these ingredients — from the American fried hen chain sold out within the States within two weeks. And it didn’t return till two months later.

The wrathful walk for the burger even resulted in a single fatality after a customer became once stabbed for cutting a queue at a Popeyes outlet in Maryland.

Crazy reviews on social media told of how burgers had been sold on eBay for US$7,000, and recordsdata carried experiences of how a customer pulled a gun on workers after being told the sandwiches had been sold out.

It be no wonder some folk shed tears on their first bite of the legendary burger. 

So what makes it so particular? The hen is declared tobe marinated in a brand new buttermilk batter, and dragged in a completely different flour that makes the hen extra crunchy. The brioche bun is furthermore lined with identical buttery topping usual on their biscuits.

For the Singapore version, we hear the patty will likely be made of marinated hen thigh as one more of the breast, to cater to native fashion buds.

The burger will furthermore consist of pickles and a spicy cajun sauce. On the opposite hand, the burgers are fully here for a shrimp time fully from Sept 16 to Oct 14, with shrimp quantities on hand on a usual basis.

Wager we will appropriate kind must support and glimpse if the burgers will situation off the identical response here. After which there is furthermore the opposite inquire of — how will it compare to our native favourite, McSpicy?

In the end, one standard US YouTuber has hailed it as the one sandwich “pause all hen sandwich wars“.

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