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What teacher became when you “mother”? Respect you Mrs. Carol

Hey! Right here is correct a transient reminder for fresh friendos to be taught our subreddit options.

Rule 4: Please create not troll, harass, or be on the general coarse to your fellow users.

Be nice, and recede political or non secular arguments in other subs.

We’re trusting you to be healthful whereas in r/wholesomememes, so please don’t let us down. We factor in in you!

Also, please preserve in thoughts that even must you will hold considered this post sooner than, it’s not a repost unless it’s been in this sub sooner than (if it’s from one other sub it’s some distance a crosspost/xpost).

We’re cheerful you are here. Enjoy a amazing day <3

Please quit by the leisure of theWholesomeNetworkOf ^Subreddits too.

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