What with out a doubt drove Singaporean precise estate costs down one day of Covid-19?, Cash Knowledge

What with out a doubt drove Singaporean precise estate costs down one day of Covid-19?, Cash Knowledge

September 18, 2020published at 6: 11 AMByAlex NoonanValueChampion

Singapore’s housing market is amongst one of the most costliest within the field.

Nonetheless, with the outbreak of the Coronavirus, Singapore’s precise estate market, which has been precise over the final few years, has experienced substantial turbulence in pricing in contrast with old years.

But modified into once every neighbourhood in Singapore affected equally by the pandemic? In this survey, we’ve analysed the associated rate per sq. foot by postal code to seem precisely which Singaporean neighbourhoods saw the finest designate changes one day of the pandemic.

Non-public precise estate designate changes by district (February – July 2020)


Key Findings

  • Right estate in Singapore’s central space modified into once disproportionately affected one day of the height of the pandemic, as costs dropped by nearly 14 per cent between February and July, in contrast with the general market’s 7 per cent designate decline
  • In distinction, precise estate costs in neighbourhoods within the outer regions of Singapore grew by 5.05 per cent, indicating that one day of Covid-19 elevated place a query to for properties commence air of the metropolis centre
  • Cities take care of Hong Kong, New York, and Seoul experienced an identical shifts in place a query to 1 day of the pandemic, suggesting that elevated place a query to for precise estate commence air the metropolis centre is a world phenomenon

The Covid-19 pandemic affected Singapore’s central areas primarily the most

When Covid-19 hit Singapore, the metropolis-utter took swift measures to gash spread as great as doubtless. No longer most productive did ingesting locations, bars and different public areas shut down, however so did in-person transactional agencies take care of commence properties and showrooms.

This triggered Singapore’s generally wholesome precise estate market to expertise months of turbulence. After peaking in February 2020, private precise estate costs dropped 7.00 per cent correct by design of Singapore.

Nonetheless, Singapore’s central neighbourhoods appear to contain taken the brunt of the affect, with a median designate decrease of 13.70 per cent between February and July.


This info suggests about a issues. First, place a query to for private housing within the central districts can contain dropped as of us’s housing preferences modified. Properties within the heart of downtown are generally coveted resulting from their proximity to work and sights.

Nonetheless, buyers might perchance perchance presumably now no longer price this proximity resulting from Covid-19 and social distancing measures which were place in location.

With of us transferring a ways from these areas hunting for housing in much less dense and more inexpensive areas, popular areas take care of Postal District 1, which entails Raffles Space, Cecil and Marina ended up with a 12 per cent fall in designate per sq. foot on the height of the circuit breaker measures in April 2020.

Neighbourhoods take care of Harbourfront, Telok Blangah and Pasir Panjang furthermore saw PSF declines of 7-8 per cent between February and April, indicating Covid-19’s affect on Singaporean preferences for place apart and affordability.

Non-public housing PSF between February and July 2020 (Central districts)

Postal District January February March April Might perchance well honest June July Per cent Change (Feb-July)
1 $2,135 $2,262 $2,218 $2,002 $2,291 $2,280 $2,140 – 5.40 per cent
2 $2,836 $1,839 $2,335 $1,858 $1,989 $1,932 $2,618 42.36 per cent
3 $2,002 $1,818 $1,888 $1,885 $1,989 $1,980 $2,004 10.28 per cent
4 $1,646 $1,616 $1,497 $1,480 $1,596 $1,556 $1,464 – 9.40 per cent
5 $1,463 $1,471 $1,477 $1,368 $1,564 $1,582 $1,544 4.94 per cent
7 $2,452 $2,431 $2,277 $2,426 $1,856 $2,175 $2,443 0.49 per cent
8 $1,351 $1,430 $1,409 $1,322 $1,356 $1,705 $1,398 – 2.27 per cent
9 $2,527 $2,368 $2,151 $2,264 $2,295 $2,328 $2,334 – 1.41 per cent
10 $2,367 $2,163 $1,887 $2,139 $2,073 $2,214 $1,989 – 8.03 per cent
Area Avg. $2,086 $1,933 $1,904 $1,860 $1,890 $1,972 $1,993 3.09 per cent

Outer space housing costs crawling upwards no subject Covid-19 market shakeups

Making the switch to the outer districts might perchance perchance presumably expand commuting cases and gash salvage entry to to social actions.

Nonetheless, with Covid-19 limitations, alternate choices take care of telecommuting and digital salvage-togethers contain transform great extra no longer original and Singaporeans might perchance perchance presumably resolve to swap the central space’s bound back and forth, nightlife and prestige for extra place apart, much less crowds and more inexpensive apartments in extra a ways-off neighbourhoods.

Our files appears to be like to signify that that is precisely what has happened one day of the pandemic.

Unlike the associated rate declines viewed within the central regions of the island, the outer regions contain with out a doubt elevated in designate between February and July 2020 by 5.05 per cent.

Neighbourhoods which will most definitely be most a ways-off from the central space take care of Better Thomson, Springleaf, Novena and Thomson all saw precise estate costs expand as a lot as 17.51 per cent.

Interestingly ample, even closely populated areas within the outer regions furthermore saw designate will enhance, with district 22 (which entails the closely populated Jurong neighbourhood) seeing a 17.51 per cent PSF expand between February and July.

This means that whereas population density can contain performed a job in homeowner choices one day of Covid-19, the general person preference can were to switch out of the central rental.

Non-public housing PSF between February and July 2020 (Outer districts)

Postal District January February March April Might perchance well honest June July per cent Change (Feb-July)
11 $1,799 $1,702 $1,507 $1,849 $2,057 $1,854 $2,141 7.26 per cent
12 $1,356 $1,383 $1,223 $1,512 $1,856 $1,361 $1,392 -14.03 per cent
13 $1,605 $1,611 $1,456 $1,544 $1,738 $1,652 $1,783 2.92 per cent
14 $1,499 $1,521 $1,527 $1,583 $1,612 $1,534 $1,447 -3.67 per cent
15 $1,614 $1,468 $1,393 $1,592 $1,620 $1,533 $1,654 -6.16 per cent
16 $1,069 $987 $1,047 $1,040 $1,023 $1,193 $1,132 14.71 per cent
17 $1,054 $899 $926 $991 $1,116 $1,094 $1,153 3.61 per cent
18 $1,113 $1,200 $1,151 $1,288 $1,293 $1,242 $1,221 -0.18 per cent
19 $1,207 $1,218 $1,153 $1,415 $1,377 $1,303 $1,351 4.94 per cent
20 $1,537 $1,591 $1,432 $1,670 $1,647 $1,569 $1,563 -1.47 per cent
21 $1,463 $1,526 $1,371 $1,533 $1,568 $1,579 $1,826 4.13 per cent
22 $870 $991 $892 $944 $1,093 $991 $846 17.51 per cent
23 $1,041 $1,098 $980 $1,202 $1,199 $1,079 $1,076 -2.49 per cent
25 $702 $781 $735 $587 $619 $820 $759 -2.37 per cent
26 $942 $1,192 $1,146 $1,198 $1,180 $1,232 $1,185 11.75 per cent
27 $942 $1,019 $990 $1,100 $926 $980 $931 -9.62 per cent
28 $1,215 $1,388 $1,458 $1,231 $1,545 $1,108 $1,007 -16.28 per cent
Area Avg. $1,237 $1,299 $1,273 $1,199 $1,310 $1,391 $1,298 -0.08 per cent

Covid-19 inflicting an identical effects on different world precise estate markets

Nonetheless, Singapore wasn’t primarily the most productive metropolis whose precise estate markets felt the affect of the Coronavirus. Our files means that pandemic has triggered residents of assorted vital cities to shift their ardour against precise estate in their metropolis’s outer regions.

For example, New York City, which modified into once the epicentre of Covid-19 assist in April, experienced an identical precise estate inclinations.

Outer boroughs take care of Brooklyn, Queens, and Westchester averaged a 4 per cent Y-Y expand in precise estate costs when in contrast with Q2 of 2019. On the different hand, Manhattan has viewed a vital 10.20 per cent decline in pricing. Notably, Westchester, which is found the furthest distance out of these listed areas, saw the finest designate expand of 6.90 per cent.

Space 2020 Q2 Label Change (YoY)
Manhattan -10.20 per cent
Brooklyn 0.10 per cent
Westchester 6.90 per cent
Queens 5.00 per cent

Equally, Hong Kong’s precise estate market has viewed a substantial 29 per cent decline one day of Covid-19 since its height in October 2019.

While costs decreased in each and every downtown and a few outer regions of Hong Kong, the extra huge drops were concentrated in its downtown districts.

With this being stated, no longer all of Hong Kong’s precise estate has viewed a decrease in designate. Though areas akin to Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, and Tsuen Wan contain had a substantial fall in pricing – 58.77 per cent, 37.91 per cent, and 21.35 per cent respectively – different areas take care of Sai Kung, Yuen Prolonged, and Tuen Mun contain viewed precise estate costs fly by 19.91 per cent – 54.16 per cent.

Truly, outer districts transaction price surpassed central transaction price for the most vital time since 2000, indicating that the pandemic has created a different expand in place a query to for homes in these regions.

District Per cent Label Change (Jul. 2020 vs Oct. 2019)
Hong Kong Island -58.77 per cent
Kowloon -37.91 per cent
Tsuen Wan -21.35 per cent
Islands Districts -9.19 per cent
Tai Po -4.81 per cent
North -3.60 per cent
Shatin 18.04 per cent
Sai Kung 19.91 per cent
Yuen Prolonged 33.58 per cent
Tuen Mun 54.16 per cent

Lastly, the South Korean precise estate market, which had been performing properly for rather some time, has furthermore experienced an identical decline in its downtown pricing.

For the explanation that commence up of the pandemic, South Korea’s trading present and place a query to index fell 8 per cent, meaning that the series of investors has decreased critically in contrast to available sellers.

Despite this, the gross sales designate index for Gyeonggi-affect, the outer province surrounding Seoul, elevated by 3.91 per cent. This growth is rather substantial seeing as the gross sales designate index for Seoul saw a mere 0.37 per cent expand correct by design of the an identical timeframe.


What this design for Singaporean precise estate

It appears to be like as though Covid-19 made extra Singaporeans location their sights on precise estate positioned extra a ways from the metropolis-utter’s central neighbourhoods.

While there are a form of reasons why Singaporeans will most definitely be departing these central areas, we are able to speculate about a causes. Some residents might perchance perchance presumably with out a doubt feel as though procuring more inexpensive precise estate is a good investment one day of this financial downturn.

Others might perchance perchance presumably simply are seeking to distance themselves from congested areas that they with out a doubt feel are riskier. Lastly, the change to realize a living from home can contain shifted place a query to from housing that is finish to the placement of labor to housing in neighbourhoods which contain different advantages.


While precise estate costs within the outer regions were increasing within the previous few years, it will also be comely to argue that these will enhance can no longer be fully attributed to Covid-19.

Nonetheless, files silent means that once the threat of Covid-19 will enhance, person sentiment shifts against regions commence air of metropolis centres.

As a second wave of the Coronavirus made its manner by design of Singapore in July, we saw an identical shifts in precise estate patterns — the general and the central space precise estate market honest a minute fell again between June and the most vital half of of August, whereas the outer regions saw a 10.70 per cent expand.

Thus, it’s doubtless to surmise that whereas the pandemic stays a precise world threat, these precise estate pricing inclinations will also be anticipated to persist.


The knowledge presented in this survey has been peaceable from Singapore Urban Redevelopment Authority, Label Champion’s Hong Kong Right Property Gape, and Label Champion’s South Korea Right Property Gape, Hong Kong & New York files got here from Label Champion Hong Kong, Seoul files got here from Label Champion Korea.

To esteem the particular estate designate changes, we gathered the common designate per sq. foot for private properties from every postal district.

To glimpse how costs contain modified over time, we looked at changes yearly and month-to-month. In account for to realize how Covid-19 affected costs in particular, we selected two definitive months earlier than and after the pandemic outbreak – January and July.

We then grouped the postal codes into two segments, heart and outer regions, and averaged out the p.c switch in designate per sq. foot.

This allowed us to explore how the Coronavirus impacted the associated rate in every district. For our survey, we removed HDB costs as a majority of those neighbourhoods dwell within the outer districts, and will most definitely skew the records outcomes.

For the latest updates on the coronavirus, seek the advice of with here.

This article modified into once first published in ValueChampion.

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