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Why has Australia’s Olympic team been in decline since Sydney 2000 and what wants to be accomplished to repair it?

The Sydney 2000 Olympic Video games used to be a defining moment in Australia’s sporting history.

Key aspects:

  • The QAS is on an 11-365 days runway to overhaul its excessive performance sporting machine
  • A two-365 days scholarship program to be launched by the QAS later this 365 days will foster Australia’s future coaches
  • Sports not yet on the Olympic agenda will additionally be identified to capture extra formative years allure

Possibly it used to be Cathy Freeman’s 400m victory or the males’s 4x100m freestyle relay — 16 iconic gold medal moments made Sydney “basically the most intelligent Olympic Video games ever”.

With a inhabitants of most intelligent 18.2 million people at the time, Australia produced 58 medals, a feat described as an “unprecedented dialog rate”  for a rustic of that dimension.

“Australia used to be fourth on the medal table inspire then, off a inhabitants dimension of supreme 18.2 million — I indicate unprecedented, unprecedented dialog rate,” Queensland Academy of Sport (QAS) CEO Chelsea Warr acknowledged.

For the past four Olympic games, Australia’s pickle on the medal tally has declined considerably, falling as tiny as 10th situation in Rio 2016.

The Global Olympic Committee (IOC) has confirmed Brisbane as preferred host of the games in 2032, giving the QAS an 11-365 days runway to overhaul its excessive performance sporting machine.

Sport thought for Brisbane 2032

Chelsea Warr, the frail director of performance with UK Sport, used to be a key decide within the inspire of Gigantic Britain’s success in London 2012 and Rio 2016.

“In 1996, [Great Britain was] 36th on the medal table and by the time London 2012 rolled around after which onto Rio 2016, [we were] 2nd on the medal table,” she acknowledged.

The QAS has appointed Ms Warr to lengthen Australia’s medal-successful chances for Brisbane 2032.

“The opportunity to host and retain a dwelling Olympic Video games we all know is candy transformational — not most intelligent for the speak but for the nation — and likewise you understand the eyes of the sector will most certainly be looking at,” she acknowledged.

Headshot of Chelsea Warr

The QAS has appointed Chelsea Warr to lengthen Australia’s medal-successful chances for Brisbane 2032.(

ABC Data: Designate Leonardi


Ms Warr has gathered basically the most intelligent minds in sports activities excessive performance to design a sport thought for the following 11 years.

“If we peep at the profile of medal winners from Rio of the Australian team, 75 per cent of them had been already ranked top 10 on the planet four years earlier than Rio,” she acknowledged.

“We must be if truth be told ready by 2028 in exact terms if we’ll indulge in a if truth be told lawful dwelling games in 2032.”

Promising younger abilities

Athletes esteem skateboarder Haylie Powell indulge in already been identified as promising younger abilities.

At 15 years venerable, Powell will have the selection to debut alongside her sport at the Tokyo games later this 365 days.  

Headshot of Skateboarder Haylie Powell

At 15, skateboarder Haylie Powell will have the selection to debut at the Tokyo games later this 365 days.(

ABC Data: Designate Leonardi


The younger Olympic-hopeful will most certainly be 26 in 2032 and acknowledged “it can also be if truth be told wintry because [Brisbane is] supreme an hour from my dwelling”.

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Brisbane skateboarder Haylie Powell has been identified as promising younger abilities at 15 years venerable.(ABC Data)

The optimum medal-successful age varies from sport to sport and Ms Warr acknowledged environment targets had been a mammoth point of curiosity.

“How venerable enact you if truth be told must be in portray to design in time, within the timeframes to turn out to be a global beater by 2032?” she posed.

Wheelchair basketballer Jordan Bartley is already 26 years-venerable but could perhaps level-headed be playing successfully into his dreary 30s.

“Or not it’s honest implausible whenever you watched about it — there’s nothing rather esteem playing to your non-public dwelling soil in front of your family and friends,” he acknowledged. 

Wheelchair basketballer Jordan Bartley

Jordan Bartley is already 26 but could perhaps level-headed be playing successfully into his dreary 30s.(

Provided: Queensland Academy of Sport


But athletes are most intelligent step surely one of the most excessive-performance puzzle.

Need for solid mentors

The QAS will open a two-365 days scholarship program later this 365 days to commence fostering Australia’s future coaches.

Benn Lees has been coaching elite water polo in Australia for nearly 30 years, but fears younger up-and-coming coaches could perhaps presumably be falling by strategy of the cracks within the hot machine.

“Or not it’s one thing that we indulge in identified at a speak level right here in Queensland that we’d like to if truth be told work to design a solid mentor program,” he acknowledged.

That used to be how Mr Lees learnt his craft within the early days, based out of the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) in Canberra.

Headshot of Water polo coach Benn Lees

Benn Lees has been coaching elite water polo in Australia for nearly 30 years.(

ABC Data: Brittney Kleyn


The QAS is additionally trying to examine out the following know-how of sports activities practitioners, basically the most intelligent minds in sports activities remedy and science, to optimise athlete pattern and performance.

“All of them work collectively esteem a Contrivance 1 team around the athletes and the coaches to allow them to optimise their performances,” Ms Warr acknowledged.

Early abilities identification

The QAS has additionally hired Australian legit sea scoot volleyball player and Olympic gold medallist Natalie Cook dinner last 365 days as its director of elite success and partnerships.

Cook dinner used to be born and raised in north Queensland and has already been touring the speak with Ms Warr, as portion of the QAS’ early abilities identification program.

Beach volleyball player Nat Cook serves at a match at London 2012 Olympic Games.

Australian sea scoot volleyball player Nat Cook dinner competing at the London 2012 Olympic Video games.(

Reuters: Marcelo del Pozo


Having a observe at new sports activities

The QAS is additionally taking a observe to name sports activities not yet on the Olympic agenda, with the IOC more seemingly to alternate the portfolio all any other time, earlier than 2032.

Skateboarding, BMX freestyle and skimming are among the brand new sports activities to debut in Tokyo.

“What we’re seeing is the introduction of hundreds of what they name these circulation sports activities … which is to strive to capture extra of a formative years allure to the Olympics going forward,” Ms Warr acknowledged.

She acknowledged the speak of affairs shall be adapting to those new sports activities, which historically had developed athletes by strategy of an natural, self-coaching model.

“We inspect the Early life Olympics rather rigorously to gaze what will most certainly be on the horizon, so as an instance we know that top diving will most certainly be a form of sports activities that stretch on one day,” Ms Warr acknowledged.

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