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Yahoo Solutions’ funniest moments remembered

Huge Tales

And assorted tales from the stranger facet of existence

by The Week crew

7 Apr 2021

The Yahoo logo

As Yahoo Solutions shuts down after extra than 15 years, fans are recalling the Q&A region’s extra comic moments. One questioner asked: “how is babby formed? How girl procure pragnent?” One other spotlight – presumably delivered by the equivalent individual – came when any individual asked: “What if the girl that thinks I’m the dad isn’t the mum?” For many, the region’s pinnacle became reached when any individual asked: “If i eat myself would i develop into twice as massive or proceed fully?”

Superman comic goes for document sum

A rare Superman comic book has equipped for a document-environment heed. The discipline of Motion Comics #1 went for $3.25m in a non-public sale, a web auction and consignment company has launched. The comic, printed in 1938, “no doubt is the starting up of the superhero fashion,” stated ComicConnect.com COO Vincent Zurzolo, who brokered the sale.

Misplaced B&B heed chanced on 800 miles away

A bed-and-breakfast heed in Alabama that became misplaced throughout Typhoon Sally has washed up 800 miles away in Texas. After the typhoon dumped as powerful as 30 inches of torrential rainfall, a local resident stated she and her husband “spotted something floating face down within the water”. She added: “He goes out within the water and brings it serve and it’s this beautiful heed. The finest thing that became depraved with it became it became lined in shells and mussels.”

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