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Zee TV redefines saas-bahu dynamics with their current jabber, Hamariwali Fair appropriate Recordsdata

As a segment of the jabber extravaganza that Zee TV plans to provide its viewers within the festive month of October, the channel gifts a coronary heart-warming memoir that captures the essence of the ever-evolving dynamics of the saas-bahu relationship in Indian society. A relationship ceaselessly portrayed as on the whole adversarial, political, and manipulative especially on Indian tv, will now invent diagram for an equation that is according to have confidence, hope, a friendship that has the two going out on a limb for every diverse in Zee TV’s current jabber Hamariwali Fair appropriate Recordsdata. In fact, the jabber gifts a most bright role reversal between the daughter-in-rules Navya and her mother-in-rules Renuka to provide their family the essential-awaited ‘Fair appropriate Recordsdata’

Zee TV redefines saas-bahu dynamics with their new show, Hamariwali Good News

Feature in Agra, the jabber parts the Tiwari parivaar who like most families, are grappling with the quest for the quintessential ‘Fair appropriate Recordsdata’ of a puny tot who’ll receive up their lives with pleasure. Finest this time around, it is the Saas who in desire to pressurising or berating her bahu for no longer being ready to conceive, will jog the further mile, brush off concerns comparable to age and ‘Log Kya Kahenge’ by conceiving slightly one along with her husband to bring the ‘Fair appropriate Recordsdata’ that they collectively look forward to. Despite all the pieces, who better than your hold family to aid you up when your chips are down and there looks to be no hope! The scramble of this bright saas-bahu relationship and the style precise thru which it beautifully deepens within the face of this role reversal forms the crux of Hamariwali Fair appropriate Recordsdata.

The jabber will feature versatile tv actress Srishti Jain as Navya Tiwari, a confident and young 23-year-veteran married girl who teaches kindergarten youngsters. Whereas she needs to possess youngsters of her hold, Navya does no longer desire to amble into this subsequent segment of her lifestyles as she understands that raising youngsters comes with unbelievable responsibility and wishes to web so when the time is factual. Standard TV actress Juhi Parmar slips into the shoes of Renuka, the mother in rules who is the lifeline of the Tiwari family and manages the dwelling the diagram handiest she can! She is a solid-headed and God-fearing one that is additionally an active member of a ‘Kirtan Mandli’ consisting of the neighbourhood girls.

Standard tv actor Shakti Anand too will seemingly be a segment of the jabber essaying the pivotal character of Mukund, who is Renuka’s husband and Navya’s father-in-rules. A grocery store owner, known for being a miser, follows the motto of, ‘Jaisa chal raha hai badiya hai, what is the need for commerce?’ And although he enjoys spending time with his guests and discussing politics and cricket, his relationship with his vital other, Renuka and son, Aditya is strained. Alternatively, he alters rather and bonds properly with Navya, essential more than his hold youngsters, as he feels that she understands him like no person else.

Speaking about the brand new belief, Srishti Jain who performs the role of Navya in Hamariwali Fair appropriate Recordsdata shared, “The jabber has an extremely bright belief which redefines the age-veteran, outdated Saas-Bahu dynamic. I’m attempting forward to playing the character of Navya and am cheerful about this challenge. To be appropriate, nick of lifestyles tales are my popular form as I in actuality feel they offer a definite relatability factor for the viewers and I’m in actuality attempting forward to Hamariwali Fair appropriate Recordsdata and I hope the audience likes our jabber.”

Furthermore, Juhi Parmar who performs the role of Renuka in Hamariwali Fair appropriate Recordsdata talked about, “I’m constantly up for challenges and when Renuka’s role used to be offered to me, I felt that this will seemingly be quite diverse. The makers possess given the Saas-Bahu relationship a dynamic twist and redefined the equation. The memoir line is awfully bright and for a girl to possess slightly one for her hold son and daughter in rules is so diverse. Renuka has varied shades making her a in actuality attention-grabbing girl and one who is relatable and yet so diverse. I like that she’s so vocal, humorous at cases and yet so caring and could well essentially jog to any extent for her family.”

Shakti Anand who performs the role of Mukund in Hamariwali Fair appropriate Recordsdata additionally added, “The jabber delves deep into eradicating a social taboo and redefining the Saas-Bahu account which is such a new belief for Indian tv. This nick-of-lifestyles drama is a breath of new air within the truest sense and I in actuality feel essentially blessed that I bought to be a segment of Hamariwali Fair appropriate Recordsdata. I’m attempting forward to playing the character of Mukund. It is reasonably diverse from any role I’ve played and I’m in actuality contented for this new articulate.”

In a diverse articulate the set ‘Saas Bani Hai Bahu ki Aas’, web ready to display screen this coronary heart-warming and bright scramble of a mother-in-rules and daughter-rules unfold with Hamariwali Fair appropriate Recordsdata.


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